Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Classroom 2009-2011

I had a lot of visitors in my classroom today. Our county is involved in the Working on the Work framework and as a part of each years local WOW conference, teachers have the opportunity to visit other classrooms. Several teachers visited my room today that had visited in the past and commented on the changes they saw. As I have posted in the past, our school became a Cornerstone school in 2009. At that time, I had quite a collection of books, pupppets, manipulatives, and the list goes on and on. I thought at the time that no one was going to make me give up my "stuff." I needed everything I had in my classroom in order to be an effective teacher. What a difference 18 months makes! As I have been involved in Cornerstone strategies, I have come to realize that the most important thing in my classroom is the children I teach. As I have given up my "stuff" my classroom has become the children's classroom. They gravitate to the places in my classroom where they can read to themselves, read to a friend or listen to stories on tape. I hope you'll take the time to watch my little smilebox. I hope you will be able to see a difference!

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