Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Patterns Freebie

Dollar Tree has two different Christmas erasers. I love the pack that has a polar bear, snowmen and snowflakes. I'll have erasers for January patterns!! You can download pattern strips using the Dollar tree erasers. If you didn't get any or can't find them, I made pattern pieces. Hope your kiddos will enjoy them. Just click on Christmas patterns to download.


Leah Perry said...

I love them! These are perfect. I start my gingerbread man theme next week. I made little gingerbread men and pasted each of my students' faces on them as a door display. I'll have to send you a picture. Friday we'll be making the scented ornaments you posted. :) Thank you so much for've been a savior for this first year teacher! I have ideas, but lately never at the time I need them to come to me!

Linda McCardle said...

Thanks Leah for all your positive comments!I can't wait to see the picture!