Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Inspiration from a New Blogging Buddy and a Smartboard Literacy Workstation!

I have a found a new blogging buddy and an inspiration! Valerie from Grow Up Learning has a new blog with lots of freebies, one being a Smartboard activity created with flash! She inspired me to create an activity using adobe flash! This smartboard activity has all the digraphs and will make a great literacy workstation! So thank you Valerie;  everyone head over to her blog and welcome her to a wonderful sharing community!


Unknown said...

Wow! What a treat... Thanks for mentioning me on your blog!

I love love love your game! Congrats on using Flash ;)

Grow Up Learning
Grow Up Learning Facebook Page

Anonymous said...

Can you use your smartboard activities on a Promethean board?

Linda McCardle said...

I searched for the answer, this is the only response I could find:
As far as I know, if you have Promethean Inspire, you can import SMART Notebook files and then save them as .flipchart files. SMART to Promethean conversion
Hope this helps,