Monday, July 30, 2012

More Math Workstations using Dollar Tree Erasers

I know, I know you must be asking does she live at Dollar Tree? I have a very legitimate excuse for my visit yesterday. I was picking up items for goody bags for our new teachers. Now, I feel much better. But, does it hurt to look around and see something that just jumps out at you? Lat year I posted a math workstation with a transportation and outerspace theme. Yesterday, I found transportation and outerspace erasers again. So I'm putting a link in this post that will take you back to last year's post, just click on the link under the erasers. I am always on the lookout for items that will engage the boys in my classroom. I use the storyboards as counting mats and then to play dice games.


lisa jones said...

Thank you for all your cute ideas!

Linda McCardle said...

Thank you Lisa!

Dr. Jill E. Steeley said...

I know what you mean about Dollar Tree. My favorite sport is to troll its aisles and finds things I can repurpose for use in my classroom.