Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Great Day for Discovery!

Below are pictures of the children participating in our pond research. At the end of the morning, every student had explored the bags, visited (A wonderful website our fabulous principal purchased for our school) and watched the pond videos. They had collected words in each category and  I can't wait to see what they write tomorrow.

Before our Discovery time this morning, we used the group chart about ducks completed yesterday to write a class story. I asked the students to give me a sentence about each category. After completing the class story, I asked them to use their duck fact chart completed yesterday and write at least one or more sentences about each category. I think this exercise gave them insight into what they needed to collect today. (Their independence in writing and reading and taking the initiative to complete projects lets me know that all the frustration I experience at the beginning of the year is paying off!)


Shannon said...

Your kids all look so engaged and loving their work! Thanks for you generosity in sharing your pond discovery bags!

Linda McCardle said...

They were engaged all week, I am so proud of them! Thank you,