Thursday, May 2, 2013

Buggy Discovery Bags

My students will be researching insects next week through Insect Discovery Bags. I want to share the information sheets I created for the bags with you. If you look closely at the pictures of the bags, I've included simple books about each insect, a life cycle model, stuffed animals or puppets of each insect and the laminated fact sheets. (The puppets and the ant came from Dollar tree.) Students will work in small groups to collect information about their insect. They will rotate through four centers next week, including a computer station where they will visit to collect material on their favorite insect.
If you want the fact sheets:
1. send me an email (see Contact Me on the sidebar) with Buggy Discovery Bags in the subject area
2.leave a comment after you receive them. 
I would really appreciate it if you would share how you used the fact sheets.
You can download the collection sheets below the pictures of the Discovery Bags.  

Aligned to Common Core:
Participate in shared research and writing projects.



niki said...

Love this idea. Thanks for sharing. I would totally love your fact sheets.

Linda McCardle said...

You need to email me!

Mrs. Morrow said...

Just received these sheets. They are fantastic! Let the insect researching begin!!!

Linda, thanks for always being so willing to share your hard work! You are so appreciated!

kathy said...

Thank you so much for the insect facts sheets and life cycles! They are great for our current life cycle study and the fact sheets are perfect for beginning readers.

Linda McCardle said...

Thank you Michelle and Kathy! I will share some of the work my almost first graders do next week!

Linette said...

Great Idea! Would like the fact sheets but I can't seem to get my computer to allow me to use your "contact me" button. Can you give me your email address?

Linda McCardle said...

My email address is

Greta said...

Thank you for the insect fact sheets. Great idea!

kinder-gardening said...

So great ! We begin our insect unit nest week! Thank you! I am a new follower!

noslibs2 said...

Thanks for the fact sheets. I'm already planning how I can use them next year at the preschool level. Preschoolers are naturally fascinated by bugs and I could almost leave them in my science discovery center for the whole year!

tclark90 said...

Id love your fact sheets.Ive tried to email you but I cant.
Thank you!!
Tracy Clark

Unknown said...

LOve the ideas of topic bags with response sheets! ESpecially geared to non fiction...great for individ non fiction center too!
I would love copies of your fact sheets!
Thanks for your generosity!

McKenneySpence said...

Love these!!! You're amazing!! Thank you!

McKenneySpence said...

LOVE THESE!!!! thank you!!!!

McKenneySpence said...

These are awesome!! Thank you!!!

Vera said...

This is cool!