Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Book

I was so excited to receive the Spring 2016 Mercer University Press catalog this week. Inside is a description of my book, A Just and Holy Cause? due to be released in May! (One year after my retirement) It is the culmination of a long journey! If you want to read the description go to and download the Spring 2016 catalog. Turn to page 6 and there it is! I can't wait to receive my first copy! I appreciate all the encouragement I have received over the past few years from my family and friends. A great big thank goes to my sweet hubby for accompanying me to countless cemeteries, battle sites and other places important for the research.  I also appreciate the Mercer University Press staff for their invaluable support during the process of writing, revising, revising and more revising not to mention the process of preparing the index! I am excited about the opportunity for a second chapter in my life! I 've shared the process of writing this book with the readers of this blog several times and I wanted you to know I actually finished it.

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