Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kohl's Cares for Kids and Another Giveaway to Come Soon!

I went to Kohl's Saturday and voila! Dr. Seuss and some of his friends are back in town! (The alligator from the ABC books and the character from The Sleep Book are too cute.) As you know Dr. Seuss's birthday is just around the corner, so be on the lookout for a giveaway packet to come soon. I'll let you guess what it will be about!!
P.S. Thank you for all your kind comments and emails about the American Symbols Giveaway.


Cupcake said...

I picked up some Seuss stuff from Kohls the other day! You can't beat the prices!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

learningmyself said...

I Love Kohls Cares! The books are great and I like helping their cause too! :)

Teach Junkie said...

Love how they bring the characters of Dr. Seuss to life. Just finished putting a list together over on TBA and it made me smile when I saw some of the photos that had these stuffed animals in there. Kohl's Cares is like a win-win!



Linda McCardle said...

I hope everyone takes advantage of all the free things TBA is offering for Read across America Week!