Friday, April 5, 2013

Farm Measurement Math Workstation

Here's one more math workstation for your Farm unit.
Common Core Aligned:
K.MD.1 Describe and compare measurable attributes. 
1.MD.2 Measure objects with shorter lengths.


billi said...

Thanx, can't wait to use this.

Unknown said...

How much fun are the kids going to have with this one....thanks!!!

Sharon Dudley said...

Linda, I haven't stopped by for a while but this is perfect timing! My theme for reading is farms, and we're just starting a measuring unit. I'm going to check this out as soon as I finish writing this.

If you have a couple seconds, stop by my blog. I have some really nice spring freebies. :)


Sharon Dudley, NBCT
Teaching with Sight

Kay said...

Thank you for sharing this!

Linda McCardle said...

Thank s to each of you for your kind comments, I'm so glad you like them!