Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tops and Bottoms

Here are some ideas for one of my favorite books. There's color pictures for retelling the story (I'm going to put the pieces in my Retelling Center) and a response sheet. I take a half sheet of light blue construction paper, have the students color half brown, color, cut out vegetables and paste in correct place on sheet. 


tclark90 said...

I just wanna say how much i enjoy your blog.And thank you very much for all the printables.
Tracy Clark

Linda McCardle said...

I am so glad you do! Its' a real pleasure for me!

Jennifer Jenkins Vukosic said...

This is my favorite book to read during our seeds & plants unit, which happens to be starting this week! Thanks for the activities!!


Linda McCardle said...

Thank you Jen!

Alvaro said...

This is cool!