Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Math Work Stations Chp 3

I will admit this chapter is, was and always will be a challenge. Because I will admit to being ADD (sounds so much more sophisticated than scatter brained, don't you think?), I am always trying something new. I've finally decided after many many years of teaching kindergarten that I am going to make a management plan for the upcoming year and stick with it!! (Ok, I might have to do a little refining, but for the moment I am sticking to this plan).These are the following pearls of wisdom I gleaned from chapter 3 (I promise to read it again and again ......):

1. Be sure you model what you want students to do. You can't expect 5 year olds to play a game or use manipulatives they are not familiar with. Now, I know this sounds like a no brainer, but card games are foreign to kids today, as well as board games, dice, dominoes....... This year we will move at a snail's pace for about the first month. THIS YEAR I will give the children time to explore materials before expecting them to begin to use them to learn math concepts. 

2. My anchor charts will be specific to the concepts we are learning about, I won't worry about the cuteness factor, I won't worry about the cuteness factor (Maybe if I repeat this enough I won't worry about the cuteness factor.  I will post expecations for workstations: What it looks like, sounds like, feels like.

3. I will provide meaningful engaging learning activities at each workstation. I will resist the idea to pull out cute seasonal activities that aren't related to the concepts being taught. (I admit, I love Mailbox magazine).

4. My students will work in pairs. Once again, I admit that this is tough. I am the ultimate "5 rotating stations a week with students working in groups of 4-5" teacher .  But, I will make it happen, I will make it happen..... I'm thinking that this repeating idea might work for me.

5. I will have a work station board with pictures of students and matching labels for board and bins. 

My mantra will be: I can do this! 

All kidding aside, I am excited about math in my classroom for the coming year. I feel very blessed to have found a group of committed, creative and caring teachers. Thanks for all the great ideas so far. I'm thinking the best is yet to come.

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Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

Trying something new is always a leap of faith. I am sure you will be successful. You will see the results as your children become mathematicians.