Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Math Work Stations Chps 1 & 2

I am so excited to be reading the posts from fellow teachers who are enthusiastic  about Debbie's latest book Math Work Stations. As a totally committed thematic teacher who has had to rethink and revamp my classroom to meet our state standards and now the Common Core Standards, I can't thank Debbie enough. I have slowly moved my math centers to work stations, I still am not differentiating my stations as much as I should. That will be my goal for the coming year. I am very mad at myself for not taking a picture of my revamped math center before almost dismantling it when the year ended. I am going to upload the picture and try to explain what I did. I also went to Target this week and found the containers I am going to use for the actual work stations. They are 15"X 11 1/2 and 3 1/4 " deep. I started using a lot of dice, domino and card games last year, putting the sheets the students used in sheet protectors. These bins are the perfect size. When you look at the picture of my area, you'll see the blue bins I originally purchased. They just didn't work out as well.  So, I think a math station must reflect the skills students need to meet the standard. They must be activities the students are familiar with (I can't tell you how many "wonderful" math activities I have planned that students had no idea what to do, leading to frustration and disappointment for them and me.) Another important thing to do is to put all your materials together and choose wisely what you actually need to keep in order to have successful math work stations. I cleaned out and gave away a myriad of math materials to anyone who would take it this past year. 
 If you disregard all the junk on top, you can see that I put all the materials I use a lot in three drawer chests. I labeled them with 2X4" labels. I was using the blue bins, but will change to the bins shown below. I made a Math Work Stations sign, our math goals for the quarter and 2 books on either end.  The bins for students will be placed where the blue bins are now.


Deedee Wills said...

I LOVE your bins! I was like you, I had bins that did not really allow for all of the materials.

Thanks for linking up!
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

I love how you have your goals posted and the use of the smaller drawers to house things like dice and spinners. LOVE it! Thanks for linking up with us.
Ms. A
Oceans of First Grade Fun

Mrs. Saoud said...

I'd love to know what you store in the containers behind the cute little boy with the pattern blocks?!?!

Primary Graffiti

vgw said...

Love the work station bins. I too was thinking that shoe box size was too small. I dont want crinkled papers. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to reading more.

Fran Kramer said...

These bins look like something I should consider. Right now I just want them all to match. Thanks for your thoughtful reflections. I think differentiation is the big challenge for all of us. Let me know how you deal with this.

Kinder Bears said...

Thank you for the pics. The bins you use were very cool.

Courtney said...

I found those same bins at Big Lots if you are looking for more. I bought a few this year. I have joined the ranks of Kindergarten and will be visiting your site and blog A LOT I am sure. Lots of GREAT ideas and help, I am having a really hard time getting out of my Pre-K frame of mind (after 12 years)