Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Target and Dollar Tree Finds

Because I want materials to fit in the containers I've chosen for my math work stations I have been on the look out for small things that I can place in the containers, Also, we can have up to 25 students this coming school year, so I'm thinking more children less room on tables. I found these approx. 8" heavy plastic plates that will be perfect for addition activities at Target 4 for $1.99. They also fit together. They come in assorted colors.

 I found some plastic shell table scatters (125 for 2.00)(You just can't beat 125 very durable manipulatives for 2.00!)  and some fruit erasers (1.00 a pack) also at Target. I trotted on over to Dollar Tree and found some clown fish and small pompoms (80 in a pack) for you guessed it a $1.00, just think of all the activities you can do with small pompoms (count, sort, pattern... and they are quiet!) Fran Kramer made some patterning activities using bingo markers and placed a set to download on her blog. It started me thinking that I could laminate some of the strips and have the children make patterns with the pompoms before using the dot markers. Thank you Fran for all the great ideas I've found on your blog.  Because we start back to school the first of August, these summery manipulatives will be just the thing to excite the children about learning. I'm a mentor teacher in my school district and for several years I taught a workshop for new teachers called Teaching Cheap (click on Teaching Cheap and you'll find a page I created on my website several years ago).  Below are some of my purchases. Deedee Wills made the statement on her blog that she uses the same type games, she just changes manipulatives. It keeps the interest high, but you don't have to keep teaching new games.


Miss Kindergarten said...

I love target and the dollar tree!! great finds!

Miss Kindergarten

Heather said...

I just found your blog and I am now a follower too. Come follow me as well if you like- I am just getting started.
Kinder By Golly

Deborah Devine said...

Those divided plastic paper plates are great for Part,Part,Whole divisions that they talk about in Everyday Math. The large section is the whole and the two smaller divisions are the 2 parts. That is a perfect way to model how addition and subtraction go together.
Deborah Devine

Plants seeds of knowledge...for our future! said...

I love the shell table scatters you got at Target!! I wish I was closer to a Target. Of course my husband would not ;) I am always on the lookout for great and cheap manipulatives for my kinders. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!
Kindergarten Teacher