Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arrival Actvities

I am always looking for independent engaging arrival activities that will keep my students active, engaged and learning. At the Target Dollar Spot I saw some individual white erase board strips. I decided to make strips with the children's names, numbers, letters, sight words, number words, color words, etc. I am going to make each child a set of strips, adding to their strips as needed. I also found some popcorn containers, I decided to make word cards and place a container at each table. The students will be challenged to help each other learn the words in the container each week. There is always a basket of books at each table, I will place word sheets in the baskets and challenge students to find words they know and words they want to learn. I am going to introduce activities one at a time until the students have several activities to choose from. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment and I'll put them in a later post. I am including the strips, popcorn words and a words list sheet; I create in powerpoint. It will be easy to change fonts, put your student's names on the strips. I used Print Bold Font from its a free download.


Tina said...
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Nicole said...

I am SO GLAD that not only do you make your downloads on ppt but you use Print Bold, too! I love that font for handwriting (Print Dashed)!

The Kinder Kid

Tina said...

Great idea! I just found your blog, and am now a follower!

Linda McCardle said...

Dear Nicole,
If you don't have the dry erase board strips, you could use the print dashed, laminate them and the children could write right on the strips. Thank you for that comment!!

Linda McCardle said...

Dear Tina,
Thank you! I will be visiting you!

Monds & Mayberry said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing these with us.

Anonymous said...

Linda, This is a wonderful site to help teachers [and grandmothers]!

Jackie Gray said...

I just became your newest follower, thanks for sharing your downloads!
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