Monday, July 18, 2011

I Love Harry Kindergarten!

I am always searching for great videos to use with my kindergarteners. I found Harry Kindergarten a few weeks ago and I have been downloading all his great music videos ever since. I also subscribed to his You Tube site  and now I'm notified every time he puts up a new video!
 A Techy Tip
Because You Tube is blocked in our school district I have had to come up with a way to be able to show them in the classroom. There's a simple way to do this. Download Real Player, enable the download button in the program and then download videos you like. You can then burn them on a cd or copy them to your flashdrive. I use HP Simple Save. I noticed that Target had a 250 GB external harddrive for 29.00 yesterday. You'll have to have Real Player installed on your school computer. Short videos are easy to imbed into powerpoint or notebook files. Then the video you want to use it right at your fngertips.
I hope you will check Harry Kindergarten out, you will love him!


Marlana said...

I am so glad you posted about downloading YouTube videos. YouTube is blocked at our school, too and I had to rely on our lab teacher to download things for me. I'm so excited! I can't wait to try it out.

Lil' Country Kindergarten

Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

You might alway want to try Teacher Tube from your schools. And also, These both have great videos... lots of Between the Lions! (My favorite is the Dixie Chicks one).

I know at my school I can't get on You Tube but I can get on Watch Know. (I have not tried Teacher Tube, just learned about it last week!)

Thanks for the downloading tips! I am sure this will come in handy too!

Empowering Kinders and Other Kids Too

Linda McCardle said...

Thank for the information! I love your blog!

Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

Oh thanks! Just stopped back by to say I shared it on my blog. =) And on facebook!

It was too cute not to share!

Michele said...

I have the problem of a firewall at my school too but I learned from that you can just type "save" after www. and before the word youtube in the url and you can save the youtube videos to your computer. This way when I am at home searching for good videos and I find one I just save it and play it at school.

Linda McCardle said...

Thank you so much! I didn't know that! I found your blog tonight and now I'm following you!
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...


"HarryKindergarten" here (Pete Harry)... Thanks for your kind words about the YouTube page... Keep spreading the word :-)


Linda McCardle said...

Thank you for posting such great songs!

Courtney said...

I don't know if you continue to get notifications about comments on your blog posts but I wanted to share my video secret as well.

I used to convert you tube videos to .mp4 files and then you can play them on media player on your computer. I have typed up pretty detailed directions for conversions that I can share if you would like them. You will have to convert your videos at home of course but then you can save them to your computer or jump drive to use at school.


Linda McCardle said...

Thank you so much Courtney, It is wonderful of you to share with all our blog friends.

ms3 said...

i love the harry kindergarten songs but is there any way to get them without the video my school does not allow videos in the class i would really love just the songs

Linda McCardle said...

All the Harry Kindergarten videos are from Jack Hartmann, you can purchase all his cds. Go to and you can find them all.