Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Bead Freebies

I didn't quite get finished with my bead activities yesterday, so here's a few more items to add to your math workstation collection. I made the bead graphics and put them in  powerpoint , you can just click on the graphic to copy. I am also working on teacher models for my workstations as well as  Math Talk cards. I made a set you can either copy for the whole class or use on a smartboard as well as a set for the box. I want the students to be as independent as possible, using anchors like the math talk cards and teacher models will help (I hope!) Hope you'll find these materials helpful.
Click on the pictures below to download activity sheets.

The pictures below are examples of patterns made with the Target beads. I found that chenille stems work really well with these beads, I cut each stem in half.

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